What is SAE J2534?

J2534 refers to the document number at the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) which is a standard designed for “Recommended Practice for Pass-Thru Vehicle Programming”. This recommended standard is then mandated by the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) for vehicle ECU / PCM reprogramming.


Its purpose is to create an API (Application Programming Interface) which would be adopted by all vehicle manufacturers, allowing the Independent Aftermarket (IAM) the ability to reprogram ECU’s without the need for a special dealer-only tool.

What do you need to program your fist ECU / PCM?

1 – Computer or PDA
2 – Programming Software (Exclusive Flash Wizard Software eliminating the guesswork)
3 – OEM Data subscription (ECU firmware from OEM vehicle manufacturer)
4 – J2534 vehicle communication interface (Hardware)


Our exclusive Flash Software Wizard guides you EASILY through the Reprogramming process, including Relearn Procedures, eliminating the guesswork and costly mistakes, ensuring a successful reprogramming event. The SAE J2534 standard defines a general purpose Windows DLL (see desciption below) API (application program interface) and hardware requirements to allow software to communicate on various vehicle busses in a hardware independent way.

Additional revisions of this standard include J2534-1 and J2534-2.

Short for Dynamic Link Library, a library of executable functions or data that can be used by a Windows application. Typically, a DLL provides one or more particular functions and a program accesses the functions by creating either a static or dynamic link to the DLL. A static link remains constant during program execution while a dynamic link is created by the program as needed. DLLs can also contain just data. A DLL can be used by several applications at the same time.

Some DLLs are provided with the Windows operating system and available for any Windows application. Other DLLs are written for a particular application and are loaded with the application.


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